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Home Inspection Service

SSSserving all of southern california since 1999


Calspec Home Inspections conducts residental home inspections including:

Point of Sale Inspections

Construction Final Inspections

Listing Inspections

We evaluate all major aspects of the subject property including the site and drainage, fences and gates [specific to structure], foundation and slabthe central heating and cooling systems*, roof, attic and venting, electrical systems, plumbing systems, walls ceiling,floors, interior and exterior doors, windows, and major built-in appliances. We will walk the roof [based on type and height] and enter accessible attic and sub-floor spaces.

We utilize a computer generated report formatthat is veery user friendly, clearly pointing out potential defects or concerns while describing the structure and its components

We do encourage our clients to attend the inspection in order to receive a complete consultation snd other valuable information reguarding the property

We believe that a full understanding of the report findings is vital in ensuring our clients complete satisfaction.

*The testing of heating and cooling systems may be limited base on outside temperatures.

Home Inspection

Non-invasive visual examination of the condition of a home fror pre-listing, pre-purchase, and real estate transactions inspections.

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